Concrete Is a Man-Made Recyclable Resource

Concrete is much like oil. In our current day and society, we need to create this resource in order to live. The difference is that concrete does not damage the environment because we can immediately recycle it, even if it has been a part of a solid structure for years. It does not corrode in a way that makes it deteriorate in quality like plastic does, for example. Plastic is a resource that withstands time but it does eventually break down into unusable parts. Concrete however, even if it does break down after years, can be gathered up and made solid again.

The business of recycling glass,stone and rock into a mixture that creates a solid compound, is a beneficial one to all of us. Instead of living in houses made of wood and dry wall with sheets of metal, we can live in houses of solid stone that can be shaped into modern looking homes. Also having homes made of concrete reduces electricity bills because of the inability for the sun to penetrate its rays through the matter and even after we are long and gone, that material can be reused for other building projects.

Not only is concrete available for housing, we also use it for dams which allow us to filter water and prevent floods. Does this not seem like a viable and important tool that can be used for great things advantageous to all mankind? If we go further into the housing situation, it would create cheaper houses that withstand all sorts of natural disasters. The substance can also be used to create a more luxurious home by making pools in the backyard, creating a patio, etc. We also have the opportunity to change the way we view our natural resources; the natural resources that is irreplaceable like trees. These living things cannot disappear or else we disappear as well. So why continue down a path that is obviously leading nowhere safe? This way we can all still live in affordable homes with beautiful strong structures and not be afraid of the future.

Without this simple yet effective science we would have never had dams, paved roads, sidewalks and we certainly would not have come this far if it weren’t for the advances we have made in construction. If we are to look ahead and see what lies in front of us we have to admire the people who brought this improvement upon living. Thankfully this is easily attainable material and can be used to create anything, quickly.