Different Types of Concrete Patios Explained

Concrete patios have become fashionable all over the world in the 21st century. Most homeowners are constructing them because they are aware of the broad range of benefits they offer. When it comes to functionality, a concrete patio will never let you down. Whether you want it for outdoor entertainment, a place where you can have your private study time, or an outdoor eating space, this patio will never let you down.

Concrete patios can be defined as a ‘home changer’. If you install one today, you will transform the appearance of your outdoor space, and most importantly, you home will attain a whole new look.

Concrete patios are of different types. You can choose the type you need installed in your home based on a number of factors including;


When you decide to have a concrete patio in your home, you have a set budget. You might have a very tight budget, or you might have a lot to spend on the structure. No matter your financial situation, concrete assures you of having a patio in your outdoor space.


Not all landscapes are the same. You will need to tailor your patio to your landscape; hence you will need to select the type of concrete patio that offer utmost satisfaction, and that will complement the already appealing look of your garden.

Personal preferences

We all want different things in life. This is the main reason why different things have been made, to satisfy all our different needs. The type of concrete patio you need in your compound is not necessarily what another person will need. personal preferences, therefore, plays an important role in ensuring that you select the type of concrete patio that will be appealing to your eyes as a homeowner, and that will perform all its functions the way you want it to.

Types of concrete patios

Stamped concrete patios

Stamping concrete has become fashionable and highly popular in recent years. This is because it offers astounding beauty, resistance to all weathers, and most importantly, it offers maximum durability. By having a stamped concrete patio in your compound, you have an assurance that it will provide its superior functionality for decades, before you can do major repairs or replacements.

Homeowners have realized that they can achieve the look of other high-end materials such as natural stone at a fraction of the price using stamped concrete. With as low as $15 per square foot, you can achieve the actual look of any material you want on your patio with stamped concrete.

The range of decorative options stamped concrete patios provide cannot be matched with any other patio material. The patio can be poured in any shape, size, color, pattern, and texture to compliment your backyard and fulfil all your desires.

Using stains, antiquing agents, and powdered pigments, professional contractors can color your patio to any natural or traditional form you want to achieve.

Stained concrete patio

Concrete staining is an affordable and versatile way to upgrade the look of an existing or new concrete patios. With stains, you can add;

  • Custom graphics
  • Border designs and,
  • Subtle color hints

Depending on what you want to achieve for your project, you can use water-based stains or acid-based chemical stains for your concrete patio. You will achieve color permanence in both of them, chemical reaction in acid-based stains being the major difference between the two.

With a stained concrete patio, you cannot exhaust the number of decorative affects you can achieve. Despite the fact that staining concrete is an easy DIY project, it is shrewd to seek the services of a professional concrete contractor if you care about achieving the patio of your dreams, and one that will never let you down no matter what.

Exposed aggregate concrete patio

Exposed aggregate is a type of paving material that is made up of basic concrete mixed with coarse or fine particles to create a strong end product. If you want to enhance the strength of an existing or new concrete patio, you can use this material. Exposed aggregate serves as a reinforcement to the concrete, and also provides an exceptional look to the finished patio.

Aggregate materials come in many colors and sizes; thus they help homeowners develop highly-customized patio designs.